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The Stories Jesus Told: The Lost Son

Today we are in the story of the lost son or most widely known as the prodigal son. This story contains the most beautiful expression of the relatship between a father and son. This is a wonderful account of what our sin looks like in the eyes of God and the devastation we bring upon ourselves. Yet, Jesus is waiting and ready to run to us. Luke 15:11-24

The Stories Jesus Told: The Exclusive & Inclusive Gospel

As we dive back into our series of the Parables: The Stories Jesus Told. We find ourselves at Luke 13:22-30 with the Parable of the Narrow Door. In this parable Jesus is asked a question, "Will only a few be saved?" Jesus not only answers this question but explains why only a few will be saved. In doing so He reveals a core truth of the Gospel that is both exclusive and inclusive at the same time. Luke 13:22-30