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Revelation 5: A Story of Worth

Revelation 5. We all love a good story. A common theme runs through many of the stories we love – redemption. These redemption stories remind us of what Christ did in order to accomplish salvation and redemption for His people. Revelation 5 is about the climax of this story of redemption and the focus is all on Jesus. Why? Because He alone is worthy.

David's Proverb - Psalm 32

Psalm 32. David is known as hero of the faith, but this hero did some pretty evil things. Much like many of us, David didn’t want anyone including God to know about his failures. So what did he do? He kept it all inside and did whatever it took to keep his sin from being found out. The guilt of his sin caused David extreme pain. We too have sin in our hearts so how can we be free from the guilt and pain of sin? David shows us in this Psalm.

The Priority of Mission

Corinthians 9:19-23. What does it mean to live on mission? We know the mission is to make disciples from Matthew 28, but how do we make that a priority in our lives? Paul shows us in I Corinthians 9 that the mission was the reason for his many sacrifices.

A Sermon For Humans - Psalm 42

Psalm 42.  Spiritual depression might not be talked about among Christians, but it is a major problem in our churches. So many Christians silently struggle with spiritual depression due to being fearful or embarrassed about their emotional state. Yet, David writes about his depression in Psalm 42 and gives us much insight into how a Christian is to battle their spiritual depression.