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The Spirit and the Church: A Gospel Culture

Acts 2:42-47. Every place, every people group has a unique culture. Every church then has a culture. What should shape this culture? Should tradition? Should secular society? The concluding section of Luke’s recording of the founding of the church shows how the Gospel should be what shapes the culture of the local church.

The Spirit and the Church: Rhythms of Repentance

Acts 2:37-41. What does it mean to be converted to Christianity? Peter explains how one can come to saving faith in Christ through repentance, but this sincere repentance has ramifications in one’s life. There are rhythms to this repentance namely - baptism and church membership.

The Spirit and the Church: Jesus - The Better David

Acts 2:25-36. Peter’s last words to the Israelites in his most famous sermon is a concluding illustration. Peter shows how Jesus is qualified to be the Lord prophesied by Joel through demonstrating how Jesus fulfills the Davidic Covenant. Peter also uses David’s Messianic Psalms to show how “This Jesus” is the better David.

The Spirit and the Church: This Jesus

Acts 2:22-24. A question must have been resonating in the minds of Peter’s listeners following his recital of Joel’s prophecy. Who is this Lord who can save one from sin? The rest of Peter’s sermon is all about Jesus’ unique qualifications to be Lord. Tonight we look at 4 of these qualifications.

The Spirit and the Church: The First Sermon of the Last Days

Acts 2:14-21.  As Peter begins his first public sermon that we have accounted within the Scriptures, she states the importance of the moment. The arrival of the Holy Spirit is a fulfillment of prophecy, some of which is actually pretty devastating. The Last Days have begun. It from this introduction that the entirety of Peter’s message builds into what God used to see His Church established. Peter has much to recite from Joel regarding the Spirit, the last days, and the urgency of the mission of the Church.

The Spirit and the Church: Speaking in Tongues

Acts 2:1-13. Speaking in tongues is one of the most controversial subjects in Christianity and for good reason as it can be confusing to many. A variety of views are held by many who would claim Christ, so what are we to believe about it? Acts 2 provides many of the answers to the what, how, and why of speaking in tongues.