Sheath (iPhone App)

I designed the logo for a great idea a friend of mine had. "Sheath is a an easy-to-use app for managing your personal devotional life. Keep track of your daily Bible reading progress and see how far you've progressed in each book of the Bible as well as in the Bible as a whole." The idea for this logo was sparked by how the Bible describes the Word as a two-edged sword.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.18.55 PM.png

Calvary Baptist Church

In talking with the leadership of Calvary it became clear that this "old-fashioned" Baptist Church was very diverse and Gospel centered. These three ideas led me to thinking of how the church is to be a community of unique individuals who come together because of Jesus. This logo encompasses some beautiful imagery. First all of these people are holding hands to show their friendship. They are all different shades, showing their ethnic and personal diversity. The cross at the center shows that this church is all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

fairmont design deanlentini.png

Fairmont Baptist Church

This logo has a double meaning. One aspect of its illustration shows that the "f" which stand for the church is grounded in this box which symbolizes the Word of God. Another aspect of this design communicates that the cross at the center of the "f" is in the middle of the box which symbolizes the church. The color scheme and font all come from what I think of as a classy or sophisticated name such as "Fairmont."

MJ Full logo small.png

Moose Jaw Baptist Church

This wheat cross  communicates that this church is concerned about the Harvest. This church has a heart for evangelism. It also communicates that this church cares about spiritual growth. This logo also fits with the ministry as the church resides in a city that serves a mostly rural congregation. The color scheme came from the idea of wheat.


Upward Creative Group

This exciting company was looking for a logo that was very simple but had a sleek and purposeful edge to it. I took the ideas that I got from the owner of this company and immediately designed minimalist mountains which eventually led to this design. This was mostly to communicate the "upward" aspect of the business name, but also to communicate that this company does a lot with very little.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.49.14 PM.png

Joelle Allden Photography

I designed this logo/watermark for a close friend. Having more personal information than usual, I designed a minimalist outline of her favorite animal -a dolphin. She uses this logo on all of her pictures.

new green bible grace logo.png

Grace Baptist Church

This logo was designed while I was serving as the Assistant Pastor at Grace. The logo was created to communicate that this church is saturated with the Gospel. Grace is a church that speaks the Word to one another. It was also designed to communicate that expositional preaching was a priority at this church. The vibrant green color was used to communicate growth.