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Book Review - Discerning Your Call to Ministry by Dr. Jason K. Allen

Many future pastors begin their pursuit of ministry plagued by doubt. They wonder whether they are truly called to this life of ministry, to this sacred duty, to the pastorate. Some pastors are unable to fully wrestle these doubts even until they re already in ministry and have been for years. So how can one be sure that they are indeed called to be pastors?…

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Book Review - One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Racism by Dr. John Perkins

When I was a teenager, a retired pastor took me under his wing and discipled me. We would sit and talk for hours about all sorts of issues in theology and in the local church. That pastor is now with the Lord, but reading Dr. John Perkins’ One Blood made me feel like I just had a conversation with my beloved mentor…

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Pastors Read This Book! Preaching That Moves People by Yancey Arrington

While the majority of preaching books are focused on learning how to obtain the right material from passages in sermon preparation, Yancey Arrington’s latest book, Preaching that Moves People: How to Get Down the Mountain of Your Messages with Maximum Impact, effectively builds on that foundation by helping the preacher deliver that message to his congregation with power and intrigue…

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