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Book Review: The Unsaved Christian by Dean Inserra

The Unsaved Christian by Dean Inserra is book that the Christian world as a whole desperately needs today. Much has been happening in evangelicalism over the last few decades, movements like the Seeker Sensitive Movement and the New Calvinism movement come to mind. Somewhere in the shuffle of all these movements, certain beliefs or even lack of beliefs have latched onto evangelicalism. Inserra writes with conviction and clarity toward these beliefs…

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Book Review - Discerning Your Call to Ministry by Dr. Jason K. Allen

Many future pastors begin their pursuit of ministry plagued by doubt. They wonder whether they are truly called to this life of ministry, to this sacred duty, to the pastorate. Some pastors are unable to fully wrestle these doubts even until they re already in ministry and have been for years. So how can one be sure that they are indeed called to be pastors?…

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