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Is God’s Wrath a Necessary Component of the Gospel?

I have to admit something right off the bat, I had no idea who Bruxy Cavey was until The Gospel Coalition Canada took it upon themselves to initiate a public conversation regarding his controversial theological viewpoints. I say this to make clear that I hold no bias either positively or negatively about Bruxy. Yet, as I read each of the conversations, I became increasingly concerned with this Anabaptist pastor...

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My Concerns with the Statement on Social Justice

Yesterday, a group led by the the well-respected pastor, John MacArthur, released a document similar to such evangelical statements like last year’s Nashville Statement. This document, called the Statement on Social Justice, followed a continuing blog series by MacArthur describing his views on social justice. Several notable pastors and theologians were initial signers, such as Voddie Baucham and James White. Some of the signers are friends, all of the signers are brothers in Christ...

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Soul Winning: Stop Saying That!

I run in fairly conservative circles, so I understand if this post does not mean anything to you, but I hear this phrase of “soul winning” a lot. Honestly, I hear it way too often. Yet, every time it makes me squirm. Soul winning might be the most prideful and legalistic term that I hear good Christians use on a regular basis...

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