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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

The leaves are falling nearly as fast as the temperatures. The cooler temperatures and beautifully colored leaves remind us that it’s about that time again. Every year Christians are seemingly perplexed and puzzled on whether they should be involved with Halloween or not. Good Christians stand on both sides of the argument, which means that this is not a simple question and there is room for disagreement...

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A Heart For The City

The Book of Jonah is a nearly forgotten book, well apart from the whole fish thing. It’s as though we thought we’d reaped all we could in this book when we colored the coloring page in Sunday School. Yet, this book tell us far more about the heart of God toward the city then any other Old Testament book...

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Soul Winning: Stop Saying That!

I run in fairly conservative circles, so I understand if this post does not mean anything to you, but I hear this phrase of “soul winning” a lot. Honestly, I hear it way too often. Yet, every time it makes me squirm. Soul winning might be the most prideful and legalistic term that I hear good Christians use on a regular basis...

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