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Who is Allowed to Preach Within the Local Church?

As I write this, the SBC national convention just finished and much of it focused on the issue of complementarianism and whether women have a right to preach within the local church. I’m not writing this post to address this topic (You can read my views here and here if you’re interested), but it has got me thinking – who is allowed to preach within the local church?…

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Who is Responsible for the Culture of the Local Church?

Every church is distinct. Different people from different places do things...well, differently. Anyone who has been to more than one church has seen this. Each church has a distinct feel, it’s own culture. Sometimes that culture can be uplifting and encouraging at other times that culture can make one feel alone or even judged. What I have come to learn is that this culture is not something that the members of the church are alone responsible for developing…

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Some Thoughts on the Clarity of Roles Within the Local Church

Church is never easy. How could it be? A local church is a group of people and as with any group of people, everybody is different. These differences whether big or small quickly form into opinions which when gone unchecked can cause conflict. Anyone who has ever decided where to go to lunch with a group of friends can relate. The difference between a local church and a group of friends making a decision is that the local church has infrastructure…

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