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Book Review: How To Grow by Darryl Dash

 Every christian wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus and their knowledge of the Word. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject of spiritual growth, many of them would be practical step by step plans for how to accomplish that type of growth. So the question must be asked, “Why another book on spiritual growth?”..

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Book Review - Discerning Your Call to Ministry by Dr. Jason K. Allen

Many future pastors begin their pursuit of ministry plagued by doubt. They wonder whether they are truly called to this life of ministry, to this sacred duty, to the pastorate. Some pastors are unable to fully wrestle these doubts even until they re already in ministry and have been for years. So how can one be sure that they are indeed called to be pastors?…

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Book Review - Longing for Motherhood by Chelsea Patterson Sobolik

Chelsea Patterson Sobolik’s Longing for Motherhood: Holding on to Hope in the Midst of Childlessness is one of my favorite reads from the last few years. The author bravely bears her heart and walks the reader through her story of childlessness with courage and vulnerability…

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