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What To Do While You Wait On God

Life is full of decisions. Some decisions are as simple as figuring out what’s for supper, many are more complex like deciding your career or who to marry. As Christians, we should all be striving to honor God in making these decisions. We should sincerely want the decisions we make to line up with our understanding of what God desires for our lives. Many Christians call this understanding the will of God in our lives...

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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

The leaves are falling nearly as fast as the temperatures. The cooler temperatures and beautifully colored leaves remind us that it’s about that time again. Every year Christians are seemingly perplexed and puzzled on whether they should be involved with Halloween or not. Good Christians stand on both sides of the argument, which means that this is not a simple question and there is room for disagreement...

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Book Review - On the Block by Doug Logan

Everyone loves to talk about being missional but few can really describe what it means to be missional beyond being evangelistic. Doug Logan has written the book on missional engagement. On the Black is a must read for any church planter or urban ministry pastor...

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