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So, Dean You Still Blogging?

I’ve been blogging since 2008 with a site I called, “Take it or leave it - A Young Baptist’s Point of View.” 10 years later, I’m not quite as young as I was, but I have kept blogging. Sure, it’s been off and on over the last decade, but overall I have kept pretty consistent, especially the last 3 years. That is until the last few months of course…

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What Makes a Good Sermon?

A few months ago I wrote a similar post on this topic. In that article I showed what Peter’s sermon in Acts 2 teaches us about preaching great sermons. In this article, I want to shift a little to focus on what good preaching is not and then we will look at what is good preaching...

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What Should I Wear to Church?

Every Saturday night, right before I go to bed, I ask my wife, “What should I wear tomorrow?” Even though she’s already in bed or close to it, she usually indulges me and give me some much needed fashion advice (apparently purple and blue go together, who knew?)...

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