So, Dean You Still Blogging?


I’ve been blogging since 2008 with a site I called, “Take it or leave it - A Young Baptist’s Point of View.” 10 years later, I’m not quite as young as I was, but I have kept blogging. Sure, it’s been off and on over the last decade, but overall I have kept pretty consistent, especially the last 3 years. That is until the last few months of course. It’s been over two months since I posted an article. While you might not have noticed, that’s a long time in the digital world.

I want to get back to being consistent with blogging, I’m not sure if it will be every week, but perhaps a few times a month. I also want to write more doctrinal posts. For a while I was trying to write for more common issues, but honestly there’s a thousand voices speaking to these issues on the internet so people can find answers to those problems fairly easily. I started writing my blog because I saw an issue with Christians not seeing the need to think critically when someone claimed to represent God. It was a deeply theological issue and while I might not have posted the most enlightened response to this issue at the age of 19, I still have that heart to confront those types of theological issues with practical responses.

So what am I going to do moving forward?

Blog when it matters.

For the past three years I have been trying to blog nearly every week with practical posts that anyone in my congregation could relate to and while those posts might pop up every so often, I want to go a little bit deeper. This means that I won’t be posting as often, but when something I feel needs to be said then I will bust out the keyboard and start hacking away. As I mentioned earlier, this means that I might only be posting 1-2 times a month. I want to study subjects, rather than feel pressure to solve problems, and studying takes time. 

Blog for me. 

For a while I was blogging for my congregation. They needed to understand some basic things about the Christian life and I needed more avenues for teaching them, blogging seemed like a perfect solution. It worked while I was pastoring, but now that I’m in this transitional period of ministry, I haven’t quite known who my audience really is, I mean sure, I get hits, but they’re from all over North America. I don’t actually know the person reading, this has made it difficult for me to write as I want it be helpful and actually matter for the reader. That being said, I have decided that I am going to be writing for myself for the foreseeable future. This blog will be my workout room where I stretch my theological muscles and see where I stand on certain subjects. 

Last summer, I did a deep dive through the Word of God to figure out what I believed about the Kingdom of God. That was by far one of the most rewarding experiences of my Christian life. So when I posted my thoughts about the Kingdom, I unfairly thought that my readers would be interested to see what I had learned. Almost nobody clicked on the link. I didn’t post another article like that for a long time. Instead, I wrote about music styles, church attire, and what to do about Halloween. These posts got a lot of reads and many said that it was helpful for them, but it’s just not what I wanted to be writing. So when I tried again, I wrote a detailed examination of solid preaching again *crickets*. That’s when I stopped blogging. It just seemed that my audience and I were at different points of view about what mattered for me to write about and after thinking about that for the last few months, I’ve realized that’s ok. I want to write about theological issues that matter to me, so moving forward this blog might not be of interest to you. Don’t feel bad, it’s alright if you don’t want to read my examinations of different atonement theories, it’s ok because I’m writing for me now. 

All that said, I want to thank all those who have been reading my articles over that last few years and if you continue to read - great. But, if this is the end of the line for you, thanks for your time, I hope it’s been helpful. 

- Dean