Book Review - Discerning Your Call to Ministry by Dr. Jason K. Allen


Many future pastors begin their pursuit of ministry plagued by doubt. They wonder whether they are truly called to this life of ministry, to this sacred duty, to the pastorate. Some pastors are unable to fully wrestle these doubts even until they re already in ministry and have been for years. So how can one be sure that they are indeed called to be pastors? Only one person can answer that question - the one who is calling, God. In His infinite wisdom, God has declared what a called man looks like in I Timothy 3. Discerning Your Call to Ministry is essentially an exposition of this passage. a Dr. Allen does an incredible job of clearly laying out the Biblical qualifications for elders/pastors from this text in a pointed way. He asks probing questions as to whether his text is true of the one attempting to discern if God truly has called them into ministry. 

This is a welcome addition to the plethora of books regarding discerning a call to vocational ministry, as Dr. Allen understands that feeling called does not annul God’s Word. Dr. Allen writes, “God’s Holy Spirit, who calls, does not contradict God’s Holy Word, which confirms.” (34) This book could be a great resource for the young man who is just not sure of his calling. A pastor who sees a young man who seems to be aspiring for ministry would be wise to pick up this book and walk him through it one chapter at a time. I do wish there were more practical steps for both the called individual and his local pastor, but I still would encourage ever potential pastor to read this book. This has no new information, but that is Dr. Allen's point. God’s Word is sufficient to understanding who is called to be an elder in the local church. Then it is the responsibility of that local church to confirm that calling with the text Dr. Allen journeys through in this book.

- Dean

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