Book Review - One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Racism by Dr. John Perkins


When I was a teenager, a retired pastor took me under his wing and discipled me. We would sit and talk for hours about all sorts of issues in theology and in the local church. That pastor is now with the Lord, but reading Dr. John Perkins’ One Blood made me feel like I just had a conversation with my beloved mentor. Dr. Perkins writes like a loving teacher giving one last exhortation to one of his closest former students. This book’s wisdom and clarity is desperately  needed in the current political climate. Racism is rampant and even some within conservative evangelicalism are debating the need to discuss this issue that has hurt so many Christians in North America. 

Dr. Perkins is able to step through the controversy and express theological points regarding racism while keeping a balance in discussing the practical ways to live out the message of racial reconciliation that we find in the Bible. He backs up this theology by showing impressive examples of churches that are living out the Gospel by actively fighting against racism in the local church. While I do not agree with all of Dr. Perkins’ thoughts, including his apparent ecumenicalism, I appreciate what his ministry has been and will continue to be through this book. One thing that impresses me the most in this work is how Dr. Perkins speaks about forgiveness. It is both the most encouraging and convicting section of this book. Another encouragement is that Dr. Perkins speaks to this issue of racism with hope, despite all of his suffering in the past, He has hope in Christ. What an example! If I had to choose one book to give to someone who was wondering how to deal with this issue it would be Dr. Perkins’ One Blood.

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