Book Review - High King of Heaven edited by John MacArthur


John MacArthur’s High King of Heaven is a treasure trove of Christology. MacArthur has assembled an impressive coalition of writers and expanded the thoughts set forth from his annual Shepherds Conference to create a great work that will benefit many students of theology. High King of Heaven collects the writings of many excellent theologians into one volume of deep theological truth. Every chapter is written by a different theologian handpicked by MacArthur to expound on a unique aspect of Christology. Before reading I was a little apprehensive, thinking that there would be a considerable amount  of overlap between the chapters, but there is minimal overlap and each brief chapter is packed to the rim with excellent Bible exposition and sound logic. 

My one complaint about this fantastic book is that a few chapters are aimed toward the theologian and provide rich and deep thoughts about Christ, while others are seemingly written for the average Christian. There seems to be a disparity on understanding the intended audience. This problem is not one that would get in the way of a theologian/pastor being incredibly blessed by reading this volume. It will provide the reader with some incredibly insightful quotes. I know that as I teach about Christ, His Person, and His works, I will use this resource often.

You can purchase High King of Heaven by clicking here.