Book Review: Woke Church by Eric Mason


Woke Church is at the forefront of a national debate that continues to rage in the United States and for good reason as many are trying to understand the pressures, injustices, and hardships the African American community has faced through the centuries from a Christian perspective. Eric Mason speaks a lot of truth into the situation. This book is dripping with Mason’s passion for this subject. As a caucasian man, I can never understand the pressures Mason has had to face, but I can see that it has impacted him greatly. Woke Church is a manifesto of how Mason sees the Bible relating to this issue of social injustice against African American people. 

While I agree with many of Mason’s conclusions, I do find is hermeneutic troubling. Of course this book is not meant to be a book on hermeneutics, still Mason arrives at some good conclusion through some perplexing and sometimes dangerous means. It is statements like “Justification isn’t just a position, but a practice!” (45) that causes me to be concerned. Again, I agree with his conclusion that Christians are to be active in seeing God’s justice be lived out prior to being in Heaven, but his way he gets to that conclusion is deeply troubling. Someone might be able to take that reasoning and run with it into some dangerous places in theology. I would recommend that the mature believer read this book and perhaps they will have to face some bitter truths in order to help their fellow image bearers. 

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