Book Review: Made For His Pleasure by Alistair Begg


Many books that are written today deal with the minutia of of a certain subject. They are detailed dives into one specific topic. In a way Alistair Begg’s new book, Made For His Pleasure: 10 Benchmarks of a Vital Faith, is specific, but its scope is much wider than just one topic. This is a book about life in general, but every chapter is a detailed look into a specific arena of life. In that way the books is broad, encompassing all of life, but the wisdom in each arena of life is so specific and exact that it could be said to be both specific and broad.

Faithful listeners of Begg will see similarities to Begg’s preaching over the past decades, but if one is not too familiar with Alastair Begg, one would be incredibly blessed to read this book. Lastly, this book would be a great gift that churches could give to visitors, or even a useful tool for initial discipleship of new believers. It answers the big questions of life and what does a Holy and Soverign God want of His creation. Begg does the church a great service by summarizing much of his teaching on practical Christian living in just 178 witty, insightful, and charming pages.

- Dean

You can purchase Alistair Begg’s Made For His Pleasure by clicking here.