Book Review: Christ's Call to Reform the Church by John MacArthur


This years marks 50 years of ministry by Pastor John MacArthur at Grace Community Church. He has seen many trends come and go. He has fought theological battles that have fundamentally altered the trajectory of modern evangelicalism. Christ’s Call to Reform the Church flows directly from those years of experience and speaks truth into the modern state of evangelicalism. MacArthur powerfully shows how the modern Church compares to the churches of the New Testament, specifically the church of Galatia and the seven churches of Revelation. These comparison are both convicting and encouraging. MacArthur isn’t all gloom and doom, but shows how the Word of God states what is necessary for recovering the Gospel and living it in sincerity. 

In a day, when many evangelical leaders are looking within to find answers to confront the issues the Church currently faces, MacArthur looks into God’s Word and the strong examples throughout Christian history. MacArthur rightly understands that the Reformation was focused on very similar issues that plague the church today. He writes, “All the issues that ail and impair the church today could be dealt with by a renewed emphasis on the very same five solas of the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century.” (p. 178) John MacArthur is not writing anything new, as in much of His ministry, He is once again restating what God has already said in His Word. Any pastor, and Christian would be benefited by reading this book and asking are these demands from Christ being lived out in my church? If not, perhaps this book is especially for you. 

You can purchase John MacArthur’s Christ’s Call to Reform the Church by clicking here.