The Road Ahead

I know that many have been wondering what is going on with me and my family, so I thought I'd kick off the new website with a post about what we're pursuing in 2018 and beyond.

Before I can do that I have to tell you a story about a guy who liked a girl and her hometown too...

Ten years ago this Spring, (my then-girlfriend-now-wife) Heather invited me to come visit her family in Saskatchewan during Spring break. While visiting her hometown I fell in love with the city - Regina. As a city guy from just north of Seattle, I know what a good city looks like and I fell hard for Regina. It’s a unique city with both urban and rural attributes. It’s a city where people will actually have a conversation with you rather than crossing the street to avoid a conversation. It’s a beautiful city with one of the most jaw-dropping parks I’ve ever seen, Wascana Park.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.55.08 PM.png

Beyond all this, Regina is home to over 230,000 souls. These souls need the Gospel. As the capital city of Saskatchewan, Regina is also the most influential city within a 1,300 km radius. This means that it is here, in Regina, that the Gospel can have the biggest impact in the province and region. Yet, there are only a handful of Gospel preaching churches in this incredible city.

It was then, in 2008 that the Lord really laid a burden on my heart to someday plant a church in Regina. Not because Gospel-preaching churches there were doing it wrong necessarily, but simply because we need more Gospel centered churches in this strategic city.  While I knew that God wanted this for me, I also knew that I needed to prepare myself for this ministry so I went and pastored in Minnesota for 4 years. 

After a great conversation with the president of my seminary, I was convinced that God wanted me to begin my journey in church planting by going to Saskatchewan and integrating myself in the culture, developing my gifts, and gaining valuable contacts that would help me accomplish this goal for God’s glory. And that’s exactly what I did. 

Two years ago I moved to Saskatchewan to pursue ministry. While I knew that God wanted me to plant a church in Regina someday, I convinced myself that I needed more experience and contacts before I did that. Looking back, I think it was more about fear than anything else. Planting a church in Regina had been my dream since 2008, I didn’t want that dream to be shattered. I didn’t want to fail and ruin this dream I had been holding close to my heart for years. So I told myself it’s too soon to be planting the church. 

Instead I took a pastorate at a baptist church in Saskatoon with the thought of ministering there to get experience, lovingly build up that flock, and perhaps in time (many years) get sent out to plant in Regina. Over the last year the Lord has really broken me, my pride, and helped me wrestle with some fears. Through my ministry here I learned that I can’t succeed. No program, process, or technique can cause success. Only trust in God, faithfulness to the Word, and yielding to His Spirit will cause success in ministry and that success may not look like what you imagine. 

Newest Redemption Logo.png

Two weeks ago I resigned from my pastorate. I did this for many reasons that I will not go into here, but I will just say that I made this decision because of my views on the authority of the senior pastor in the church. This has been a big change for us as a family and while we are still seeking the Lord’s guidance in knowing what we are going to be doing for the time being. The future looks very exciting to us. The Lord has not just renewed my passion for planting a baptist church in Regina, but has grown my desire exponentially. 


I’m just at the beginning stages of planning how to accomplish this task. I know the what, why, and where, but am working on understanding the how and when of this endeavor. Although I do have a name and a logo because if you know me, you know that’s how my mind works - Redemption Church (perhaps Redemption Baptist Church, still praying about that)

I know that God will work out the logistics in His timing. Currently, I’m looking for strategic partners - supporting churches, individuals to join our core group, and for prayer partners. 

The Lord put this dream in my heart 10 years ago and now I’m actively fighting for it.

If you would like to be kept up to date about this endeavor sign up for my newsletter below or check back often as I’ll be sharing updates here. If you are interested in supporting this endeavor in any way please email me. 

- Dean