Where Can I Find Truth?

Today there are so many issues that are hotly debated in Christianity. Whenever I hear people discuss these issues they constantly say things like “I know someone who” or “I feel.”  We all know people who are on both sides of these issues and we all have strong feelings regarding controversial issues. So here are a few things to remember when thinking on controversial issues.

Society Does Not Dictate Truth.

Our society is built in such a way that we feel that as soon as the majority are saying one thing that it somehow means that thing is accurate. This simply is not true. Just because a large portion of people are saying one thing is true or a certain philosophy does not automatically mean that is correct. Look at history as an example. Galileo was forced into house arrest for a majority of his life because of his beliefs, most prominently that the world was not flat but circular. How many politicians and people of importance were killed by their doctor because of bloodletting? I think you get my point, society does not dictate truth. Society can and have been wrong on many occasions. The idea that you will find yourself on “the wrong side of history” is a matter for historians to recount later when the full evidence has been examined. 

Your Feelings Do Not Dictate truth. 

Sometimes we have an innate feeling that something is true or wrong. This can be for many reasons, perhaps we know someone close to us who is one side of the conversation, or it could be our background that leads us to a certain feeling regarding the truth of a matter. The fact remains, our feelings do not equal reality. Our feelings can be deceived as Jeremiah said in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Just because I feel a certain way does not mean that what I'm feeling is true. I could feel alone, despite having loving people around me. I could feel insulted by someone’s remarks if I don’t understand what they are meaning. Our feelings do not dictate truth. They are changing and open to being led astray.

The Bible Is Truth. 

We must go to what the Bible has to say in regards to all things. It is the ultimate truth because it is the product of a perfect and truthful God. Even and especially on topics that are on the minds of our society. Sometimes this means that we have to go against culture and say that society is not right on this topic. Sometimes this means putting our own feelings aside and studying to ascertain what God’s Word teaches on a subject. And then humbling ourselves to allow Scripture to dictate truth, not our feelings and not society. 

- Dean

Dean Lentini