"What Can Men Do Against Such Wreckless Hate?"

It has been a stressful and scary 24 hours as the United States completed their divisive campaigns for the election of their President. This election has been highlighted by lying, racism, bigotry, and even sexual assault by the candidates. Many US citizens, investors world-wide, and Canadian residents became very disheartened over the future of that country and its effects on our own country here in Canada. Many have reacted on social media about their hurts and concerns regarding the direction of the U.S. Why? Because evil won last night. Don’t get me wrong, evil would have won either way last night, but just look at what residents in Mebane, NC witnessed on their way to work this morning..

That picture is heartbreaking. It’s a sorrowful thing to see the divisive attitude in the States and while we can look over and view the flames of forgotten morality from afar, we must remember that the same sin nature resides in Canada. We might have different battles than that of our friends down South, but we have our own racial issues and divisions that we must work on, our own sin to fight. As the church, this could easily be depressing. How can we fight such evil? I'm reminded of J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, where King Theoden when he was faced with impossible odds against an evil attacking army. He defeatedly asks, "What can men do against such reckless hate?" Some of us may feel this way. How can we combat these issues?

They seem so devastating and impossible, but we can combat these issues. How? The gospel.

In a world where evil is seemingly winning, as Jesus said it would, and society seems to be falling apart morally, we must remember that no man/woman, policy, or legislation can bring redemption for this country. Only Jesus can do that. Only belief in His gospel can do that. The gospel can do something that nothing else can - create true change. While politicians can create apparent change, they cannot change hearts. This is a task that only God can do through the hearing of Jesus’ Gospel. 

So as we go about our week, perhaps in shock over what just happened, let us remember that we are not citizens of this world only, but far more importantly we have our citizenship in Heaven. We should not get weighed down by the troubles of this life, nor should we think that we can fix everything through politics. Instead let us be about our Father’s business. Instead let’s get back to work doing the Great Commission - making disciples. Instead let us do Matthew 5:16,"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." While this world seems like evil has won, we know the end of the Book, King Jesus will win and until He claims the victory we have a job to do. 

- Dean

Dean Lentini