The Sin Many Christians Forget

Living the Christian life is one of constant battle. You see, even though our sin is covered under the blood of Christ and we are no longer responsible for the judgment of that sin, we still do it. We sin all the time, because we’re fallen human beings and it’s within our nature to sin. Yet, as Christians we cannot just ignore these sins or be laid back about dealing with them. They are serious, and while they may not send us to Hell because of the substitutionary death of Christ, we should be compelled by love for Christ to fight these sins wherever and whatever they may be.

Some of our sins are obvious. Lying, stealing, and murder are pretty easy ones to see in our own life and know that we need to repent. Some of our sins are a little more difficult to see in our own life. There’s one sin that is both - obvious and often hidden from the Christian. 

Exodus 20:7 states, “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.” Many Christians do this without any thought to it. They say, “Oh my God” and they are definitely not doing this in worship. That might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a big deal to God. 

What Does it mean to take the Lord’s Name in Vain?

When does someone say “oh my god” or “Jesus Christ” outside of worship? Usually, people use these words to communicate disgust of some kind. Someone stubs their toe, observes some type of brutality, or simply doesn’t like that they see, it is then that they say those words. Perhaps the person spouting these words doesn't understand what they are doing so let me explain why it’s so wrong (other than the fact that God says don't do it). Imagine the words you would use if you didn’t insert the name of God in those moments. That is what you are equating the God of the Universe, the Sovereign I am, the Resurrected Savior with in those moments. Essentially taking the Lord’s name in vain is lowering Him and comparing Him with trash. That’s why God put it in the moral Law - it is a sin.

Yet, Christians are some of the worst violators of this law. I don’t know how many times I have heard Christians take the Lord’s name in vain, but then gasp when a “curse” word is said in their hearing. Let me be very blunt, Christians ought to be more offended when someone takes God's name in vain than when they hear the “f-word.” If you do this, stop. Taking the name of God in vain is just as sinful as committing adultery, or stealing, or murder. Christian, put that sin to death. 

What about “OMG,” “Gosh,” or “Jeez?”

These are shorter words or even acronyms for God and Jesus. So what do you think? Yeah, it’s sin too. All of these terms are just a way to try and justify taking the name of God in vain. I know, I used to say "gosh" all of the time and it wasn't until I met my wife and she challenged me to think through what I was saying that I fully understood what I was doing all those years. 

Christians, open up your ears and hear the words you are saying. Think through the implications of the words you use. Above all, don’t take the name of the One True Holy God and drag it through the mud. 

- Dean

Dean Lentini