Let's Learn From the Past

We live in an interesting time and space here in Saskatoon, Canada. There are churches galore, so many that would claim to be Christian but do not support the basic doctrines of the faith. And if they support them they also support other ideologies that have infected their doctrine and perverted it into something that no longer resembles the doctrine of the Bible. 

Yet, this is not completely unique to Saskatoon. A man by the name of Charles Spurgeon, a name I hope you're becoming more and more familiar with, battled something quite similarly in the late 1800's in London. He faced a backlash against his fellow Baptist preachers in Britain's Baptist Union when he defended the core doctrines of the Bible against liberal beliefs this battle was titled the Downgrade Controversy. Spurgeon is one of my beloved brothers and I find his writings on the Downgrade Controversy to be right in line with what the church is experiencing today. 

"No lover of the gospel can conceal from himself the fact that the days are evil. We are willing to make a large discount from our apprehensions on the score of natural timidity, the caution of age, and the weakness produced by pain; but yet our solemn conviction is that things are much worse in many churches than they seem to be, and are rapidly tending downward. Read those newspapers which represent the Broad School of Dissent, and ask yourself, How much farther could they go? What doctrine remains to be abandoned? What other truth to be the object of contempt? A new religion has been initiated, which is no more Christianity than chalk is cheese; and this religion, being destitute of moral honesty, palms itself off as the old faith with slight improvements, and on this plea usurps pulpits which were erected for gospel preaching. The Atonement is scouted, the inspiration of Scripture is derided, the Holy Spirit is degraded into an influence, the punishment of sin is turned into fiction, and the resurrection into a myth, and yet these enemies of our faith expect us to call them brethren, and maintain a confederacy with them!"

Let us learn from our brother and stand in the same truth with our fellow Christians who are doing the same. 

- Dean

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Dean Lentini