I'm Drained, Now What?

Somedays just suck you of all energy and positivity. You walk around in a mental fog just waiting for that moment of tranquility when you can finally rest. Some of these days are compounded into weeks which turn into months. Not only is it exhausting to live in this state of burnout, being drained could lead to sin that affects ourselves and others.

This feeling of being drained could lead you to focusing inward and beginning down a path toward depression. What’s worse, is that exhaustion can distract you from enjoying God and finding satisfaction in Him. Instead we find satisfaction in anything that temporarily removes us from our current troubles. It could be television, food, hobbies, or even family. Finding enjoyment in ANYTHING more than we have in God is a devastating sin called idolatry. That coffee that you NEED to satisfy yourself after a crazy day could be sin. 


  1. Remember God’s glory. Remember that God is using this hardship for His glory. God is using that crazy busy day to bring glory to Himself. It might be through your actions or even your attitude. Don’t steal God’s glory from Him! Let Him have it all by relying on Him for strength.

  2. Pray a ton! If prayer is talking with God and God is the One who loves you most. Then doesn’t it make sense to tell Him about your horrible day in prayer? Sometimes you just need to vent and there is no one available, but God. Tell it to Him. He cares. Not only is He wanting to hear about every hardship, He is powerful enough to do something about it.

  3. Take a break! Even God rested after a crazy week of creating the universe. Don’t go from one crazy overwhelming activity to another. We need times of rest. Whether it’s a half hour on our own to get our bearing or a weekend where we don’t over-schedule ourselves. Make yourself rest even if you don’t think you need it. Take that time to be quiet with God, pray, and read a Psalm. You will be surprised at how relaxed you will feel.

  4. Be wise about your time. Don’t spend your precious downtime doing things that don’t matter. Don’t waste your time with Facebook or Candy Crush. Don’t get lost in your phone. Get your eyes off of a screen. Instead spend the moments doing something important that will not cause you more stress (I’m looking at you Facebook!), but will relieve that stress. If you’re a stay at home parent watching the kids, take their nap time and spend it with God. If you have an hour lunch at work, spend a third of it reading your Bible and praying. Have a long commute? There are free apps with audio Bibles. If you're feeling adventures maybe you could even crack open a good book from C.S. Lewis or another Christian author. 

  5. Ask for help. There is no need for you to suffer alone. You don’t need to keep your exhaustion a secret. Tell your spouse, friend, or maybe even your pastor. You might just assume that everyone knows your exhausted and need help, but you might be a better actor than your think. Reach out to someone in your life and ask for help. Say, Hey I could really use a hand with this project. Or could you help me by watching the kids for a few hours. I NEED A BREAK. 

There are many other pieces of advice one could give, but these five steps could help you get out of a rut. Always remember to focus on God, not on your circumstance, and most assuredly not on yourself. God is more powerful than your awful day. Rely on Him for your strength, satisfaction, and peace. 


- Dean

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