Emotions are Proof of God's Existence

We, human beings, dwell on abstract beauty and have emotions. We can feel, and not just vague feelings of sorrow like a dog whimpering after he is disciplined for chewing on its master’s slippers. Humans can feel intensely, we are passionate beings.

Why is this? 

According to the Bible, we are people of passion because our Creator is a God of passion. We are created in His likeness, His image. Humans feel emotions. This simple fact cuts evolution at the knees. It paralyzes Darwinism. Evolution teaches that the key to life is survival. This is the key for every living cell, including people, animals, plants, everything. If that’s all we are here to do its quite pointless isn’t it? You might think I’m going on a tangent, but I’m getting to my point. According to Darwinism, every “evolutionary advance to human life” was for a reason – surviving. Yet, one must consider the question; do we need to feel emotion to survive?

If life was simply about survival wouldn’t it have been easier (and a couple “million” years less) to numb our painfully pointless existence and simply not feel? It would make life a whole lot “easier!” It’s quite obvious that animals and plants do not feel the same way as humans. An evolutionary animal activist might say, no. But consider this, animals react to their environment, they are dependent upon their environment to know which emotion to display (Skinner was correct, other than the subject of course). A cat might be “happy,” but why? It just got fed. A cat might be “sad,” but why? You hid its favorite toy. The point is, an animal’s feelings are reactions to their various circumstances

Human emotions are complex.

One might say that this is the same for people. A boy is sad, why? His father died. A woman is happy, why? She just got married. Are these reactions? Yes. But, what about those who are joyful in the face of disturbing and difficult situations? What about the people who are praising God, yet are being whipped and beaten for their faith? This separates us from all other creatures. This is not evolutionary; it is not in the best interest of the person to display gratitude to God while being led to the slaughter. This shows that true emotions, not just reactions but true emotions, disprove Darwinism’s claim about life being a simple struggle for existence. 

So where did emotions come from?

If our emotions do not come from some type of evolution, then we must come to the conclusion that they were given to us by a Creator. These conscious decisions to display emotion, to show passion is yet just another way the Designer is proven. And as Keller concludes in his incredible work on apologetics - The Reason For God, “If there is a God who created you, then the deepest chambers of your soul simply cannot be filled up by anything less.” Emotions are a gift from God and show us our desperate need to be satisfied by our Creator's love. 

- Dean

Cited Work: The Reason for God by Timothy Keller (P. 173)

Dean Lentini