Easter is Over, Now What?

Christians sometimes live their lives going from one spiritual high to the next. You know the feeling, there's a spiritual high or intensity of our faith while we celebrate Christmas for example. Through Advent we look forward to the birth of the Savior and there’s a palpable energy in the church as we joyfully remember how our God became a man for us. After Christmas though we often have a lull until we begin to build up once again for Easter. For the few weeks surrounding Easter, that energy in our hearts is back that fervor in our spiritual life is intensified. 

That is until Easter is over. 

That’s where we are now. The spiritual high of worshipping our Risen Savior is fading and now we’re faced with the normal grind of daily life. Is this the right perspective to have? Absolutely not. Christians are not to live like this, always seeking some new sensation to make them feel spiritual or close to God. That’s definitely not the perspective Christ gives to His followers in Luke 9:23, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” 

The Christian life is one of unglamorous dedication in practical living for God's glory. 

If we are constantly seeking a spiritual high from an event or speaker then we will never be truly satisfied in Christ. Nor will we ever be prepared for the times when those sensations will not be found. What will happen to your faith and conduct when you aren’t “feeling it” anymore? We do not base our spiritual lives on feelings or sensations, but rather on the Rock of Christ.

So how do we practically live the Christian life after Easter? 

1. Read God’s Word

In my experience, Christians often undervalue the importance of daily getting into God’s Word. It somewhat amuses me that people want to “feel” God but don’t read His Word. It just doesn’t make sense. If you missed your family member or friend, wouldn’t you want to read a message they sent you? Why is your relationship with God any different? Reading His Word daily is more valuable than any other practice you could put into your routine. Let it transform your heart everyday. 

2. Be in Prayer 

Prayer is essential to living the daily Christian life. In talking to God, you declare your love for God in worship and He listens to your heart and even answers your prayers. Prayer is essentially a continual admittance of reliance on God. It’s saying “I need you, God” everyday. 

3. Be A Part of Your Church.

Christians who want to experience God but do not belong to a local church are liars. Yes, I would be that harsh. How could you say that you love God so much but do not desire to be with the ones He sent His Son to die for? Every Christian should be involved in their church. They should be serving their fellow members, being accountable to them, and being built up by them on a daily (notice I didn’t say weekly) basis. 

Being a Christian is so much more than celebrating Christmas or Easter. Christianity is all about the daily grind. Being a Christian means that you are living in light of the same Gospel that changed your life, and doing that everyday. Now that Easter is in the review mirror, don’t just put your spiritual self on cruise until Christmas. Move forward to being more like Jesus, every single day.

- Dean

Dean Lentini