Do Babies Go to Heaven When They Die?

One of the most difficult things a person can ever experience is the death of a child. It is a horrible and tragic occurrence when a parent has to bury their child. Yet, even more difficult than their physical death is the idea of what happens to them once they have passed away. What happens to babies, aborted children, and even mentally handicapped individuals once they die? (From now on I will just refer to babies but one can also apply these thoughts to aborted children i.e. babies, mentally handicapped individuals, and young children)

There are many different views out there on this painful subject. Some debate on the election of saints, or perhaps they run to David and his use of terms like reunion with his and Bathsheba’s infant who died. Yet, the fact remains we do not have direct Scripture that describes an answer to this subject. So what do we do? How do we begin to comprehend what happens to these little ones? Well, after trying to patch different verses together, 6 years ago I came to understand that there is a rather simple answer to this burdensome question. This answer comes in the form of another question - Is God good?

Is God Good?

Throughout the entirety of Scripture we are told one specific truth over and over again. God is good. David says it in Psalm 107:1, “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” and again in Psalm 119:67, “You are good and do good.” Not only is He good, He acts in goodness, Psalm 145:9, “The LORD is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.” Lastly, Jesus says God is the only One who is good in Matthew 19:17, “There is only One who is good.” There are many other passages that describe God’s goodness, but you get the point - He is good.

So if God is good, then He acts in goodness. Everything He does is in accordance with His good character. So we must then ask the question would it be good for God to send babies to Hell? The answer to this question is a loud, clear, and emphatic NO. Why? Because babies, and others who would fit in this category, have not had the opportunity to understand the revelation of God. As we grow and understand more in the world, we discover as Paul states in Romans 1 that God is our Maker and that we have broken His Law and sinned. This is not just clear from the hearing of the Word of God, but also revealed in nature. This is why we as human beings are without excuse. God is just to cast sinners into Hell because He has reveled Himself to us. We’ve seen and understood that God exists. Babies on the other hand have not and could not understand these truths. So they are unable to be without excuse. 

Does this answer every question about how God saves these babies and allows them entry into His paradise? No, yet we know this to be true - God is good. We can rest in His goodness. 

- Dean

For a fuller explanation of the principles in this post. See this video.

Dean Lentini