Are You Ready for Christmas?

This coming Sunday is the beginning of Advent. It’s the season we anticipate the birth of our Lord and Savior and look forward to His return and reign. This is a big deal, yet often we get so distracted with the physical needs of the Christmas season. We focus on making sure that the decorations are up, presents are purchased, and all the traditions are kept. Is this what Christmas is truly about?

Of course not, all of us would jump up to say “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” While we rightly say this, sometimes our actions tell a different story. Let us spend just as much time and effort preparing our souls for Christmas as we do all all of the other Christmas activities. How can we do this? By reading and meditating on the redemptive story of the Bible.

Look at the Old Testament

Go back to the beginning. Start in Genesis 3:15. Look at all the steps God took that led to that precious baby being born in the manger. Look at how we worked through impossible scenarios and flawed individuals, all so that one day Jesus could be born in exactly the place where God promised to the people God promised. 

Read through the Gospel accounts

Now look at the Gospels, all four of them and examine the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Look at the sin and selfishness of Herod, the faith of Mary, and the awe of the shepherds. Examine God’s sovereignty in making sure everything happened as He desired. Observe His love shown through the birth of Christ. 

Be thankful for God’s Gift

Look at Jesus. Almighty God with all of His power and wisdom became a fragile baby who was in need. The King of Kings took residence in a shack with livestock. The One who created all things according to John 1 broke into time and space to rescue His creation through the humblest of means. Why? To save you. Let that fill you with awe this Christmas season. Let the truth of Jesus Christ compel you to action this Christmas. Ask yourself what must you do for this King who loves you? Don’t focus on the tree, presents, or hot cocoa, rather focus on the God who gave up His throne to redeem you. 

- Dean

Dean Lentini