A Gospel-Centered Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful but incredibly difficult thing. It simultaneously brings out the best and worst in our nature. One moment we are sacrificing for our spouse and thinking of what is best for them and the next we are being totally selfish for our own well-being. What is the point of marriage? I would like to follow-up on this past week’s sermon by agin looking to Ephesians 5. 


As we discussed on Sunday, submission is all about equality. Some would be surprised to hear that because for many submission simply means obedience to a superior. That is not the case as we look to examples within the Trinity. The Son is no less God than the Father because He submits to the Father, nor the Holy Spirit to the Son. Submission is willingly and freely putting oneself under the leadership of another. There is complete equal standing in the marriage, yet each one has a different role. The wife is to follow the husband even as Paul states in 5:24, “in everything.”


Husbands are to be worthy of being followed. A part of good leadership is getting good advice. A Husband should be listening to his wife and getting her input before making decisions that will impact the family. Another aspect of leadership that is essential to being a good husband is love. A husband is to be compassionate toward his wife. Paul says that his love should be like Christ’s love for the church. How much is that? There are no words to describe the depth of Christ’s love for the church, only actions. And just as Christ sacrificed for the church, husbands are to sacrifice for their wives. This may be time, finances, or even goals. A husband is to always be seeking the good for his wife both physically and spiritually, even if it costs him. 


I remember my father-in-law gave me great advice which has stuck with me in my marriage. He said, “Marriage is not 50/50, marriage is 100% give.” It’s not about compromise, it’s about giving 100% of yourself for the good of your spouse. The beautiful thing is that because you are one, when you give 100% and your spouse gives 100% what do you have? You are not left empty, a shell of who you once were, no, you are still filled 100%. And as you sacrifice for one another and fulfill your roles you display the Gospel of Jesus and his love for the church. 

Lastly, I want you to hold on to these thoughts we discussed on Sunday. Christ is the standard of marriage, the sustainer of marriage, and the purpose of marriage. 

- Dean

Dean Lentini