5 Reasons to Read Good Books

While reading can be an enjoyable occurrence for some Christians, others have a more difficult time with reading. Yet, reading is absolutely essential to the Christian faith. Reading God’s Word is foundational for a healthy spiritual life, but that’s not all the reading Christians should be doing. For those who have gotten their Bible reading down, as in they do not struggle with reading the Bible consistently, should add to their spiritual regiment by reading good theologically sound books. I’m not talking about 1,000 page books from hundreds of years ago, but rather books that will help you in your spiritual walk. Here are 5 reasons to read good Christian books. 

To educate your faith

One of the main purposes of books is to educate the reader. This is a great reason for Christians to read good books on their faith. What’s better than learning more about how God’s Word fits together? What’s better than learning more about your faith? Perhaps, a certain book will show you different perspective on the love of God that you have not thought of and that could lead you into a deeper understanding of God, Himself. Maybe you need help understanding a certain subject within Christianity. Find a good book about it and learn. Your faith will grow as you learn more. 

To combat certain sins

Sometimes you just keep losing a specific battle with sin. What would you do if this were a physical fight? You would study your opponent, right? You would even talk to others who have fought this person and win? Why not do this in your spiritual life? Read a good book about fighting that sin. It could give you a new tactic to use in your spiritual fight. It can also bring your unknown sins to light, enabling you to know them and fight them. 

To keep your mind on things above

Paul tells us that we are to think on some specific things. Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Reading good Christian books is one way of helping us accomplish this verse. If we have our focus on God and His truth than we do not have our minds on ourselves and the things of this world. 

To see how other Christians lived

I would encourage every Christian to read biographies of Christian leaders of the past. The ways God led them, protected them, and more importantly used them for His glory are such rich and beautiful testimonies of how God could use us. They help us to understand our place in Christian history, and see how God shapes history to accomplish His sovereign will. He can use us even now, there’s an urgency that is brought into our souls by reading good Christian biographies. 

To encourage you

All of these reasons could be summed up in this last reason. Paul was constantly telling his churches that he was writing them to encourage them. Sometimes that encouragement was difficult to hear, but it was all written to help them. That’s why we should read good Christian books, to help ourselves. Reading books can give us joy and comfort by helping us understand our faith better. 

Notice how many times I said "good Christian books?" That's because there are so many bad ones. Christian readers must be careful to examine both books and their authors as they absorb these teachings. Here are 9 books to get you started. 

- Dean

Dean Lentini