5 Reasons the Local Church Needs The Gospel Coalition Canada

As a pastor, I get dozens of calls and even more mail from various ministries, organizations, and associations who all claim to be able to help our church reach more people for Christ. In a way, I’ve become a little calloused to the idea of these types of organizations. Yet, something has come along that I think could actually be of benefit to our church. More than that, I think the local church needs this organization - The Gospel Coalition Canada. 

Many know the name TGC due to the incredible impact of The Gospel Coalition USA and their leaders D.A. Carson and Tim Keller. The Lord has done some incredible things through the ministry of TGC USA. Thousands of people have been blessed by the articles, conferences, and publications of TGC. These blessings have continued and are even growing today, but there’s a problem. What about Canada? As good as the conferences are, what about believers in Ontario? Could we be blessed by them? What about our own unique challenges that we face in the prairies of Canada? The Gospel Coalition Canada has been formed to help like-minded churches across our country get into contact, fellowship, and perhaps even partnership in order to have an impact for Christ and reach Canada with the Gospel. 

Here are 5 Reasons the Local Church Needs The Gospel Coalition Canada

1. We need Gospel Friends.

Most churches in Canada are disconnected from other churches, due to distance both geographically and theologically. It's a simple fact, we need friends. We need other churches and pastors who we can learn from in order to be better servants of Christ in our local context. These friends should not be ones that are abandoning the faith, but likeminded friends who are centered on the Gospel. We need Gospel-friends that we can support and pray for in their ministry too. Wouldn’t it be great to travel across the country and know of a good, healthy, strong church to attend? A network of Gospel-centered churches could help us develop these types of friendships. 

2. We need Gospel Resources.

All of us need to grow in the grace of Jesus Christ. TGC Canada is a resource that we can use to help in that process. The articles on this website are sound and beneficial. They can even stretch our own understanding and help us see other Christians' perspectives on issues. Yet, these resources are still grounded in the same Gospel that we believe and in which we stand (1 Cor. 15:1). There are many resources out there that we can find, but few that we can actually trust. I believe TGC Canada can be one of those trusted resources. 

3. Canada Needs the Gospel.

Saskatoon isn’t the only place that needs the Gospel in Canada. So does Montreal and the suburbs of Vancouver. The mission of the church is to spread the Gospel throughout the world. We need to begin to think nationally about our witness. We need to be in prayer and even support missions that are not just in other countries but in our own as well. All of Canada is in need of the Gospel. How can we help if we don’t know anyone in Montreal or Vancouver? We must develop relationships with Gospel-centered churches in order to help the Gospel go forth in these areas. 

4. We Need a Coalition.

The Gospel Coalition Canada is not a replacement for denominations or associations. That’s not their purpose. At the same time, we have eyes and we can see that denominations and associations are dying. Either, they are shrinking in size dramatically or they are giving up on truth and surrendering to culture on various important topics. TGC Canada could be helpful by giving local gospel-beleiving churches louder voice as we stand with other likeminded believers on specific issues.

5. We need Canadian Voices for Canadian issues.

There are many resources from the States that can be helpful, but they are not written with you in mind. TGC Canada resources are about Canada, written by Canadians, for Canadian readers. You don’t have to read an article about Christianity in the “bible belt” of the Southern States and wonder how that could apply to rural Saskatchewan or Alberta. TGC Canada has resources specifically for you. We are a unique country that faces unique challenges and it’s necessary for us to have Gospel-centered voices speaking to these challenges.

I am very hopeful for the future of The Gospel Coalition Canada. I think it can be a very helpful resource for Canadian local churches as we look at how to do ministry in Saskatchewan and think nationally for the cause of Christ here in Canada. I encourage you to go to TGCCanada.ca and check out some articles. Maybe you don’t agree with everything a writer says, that’s ok, but look for truths that can make an impact in your life and deepen your appreciation of Christ. Let us be even more focused on the Gospel, together.

-  Dean

Dean Lentini