Writing bio pages are my worst nightmare. Here's my life in bullet points instead.

  • I’m originally from Everett, Washington.

  • Jesus saved me at the age of 10, later that day I was baptized.

  • I went to Bible College in Minnesota.

  • I went to Seminary in North Carolina.

  • I got my wife, Heather's, attention by singing her Relient K lyrics at a bonfire because that's what you do at Bible College.

  • We got married in 2010 and have two boys - Andrew & Henry.

  • Back in 2007, God developed a burden in my heart for church planting. Shortly after this I fell in love with the province of Saskatchewan.

  • In 2011, I began pastoring at Grace Baptist Church in Austin, MN.

  • After spending some time in NC, in 2016 I moved to Saskatchewan to take a pastorate at a Baptist church.

  • Currently our family is ministering in Southern SK, Canada.

Other Random Info:

  • I’m the biggest Star Wars fanatic you've ever seen.

  • I like to do graphic design (mostly logos which you can see here).

  • I'm still hoping the Seattle Sonics come back.

  • I think "lol" is legitimately the worst phrase ever created.

  • I'm a Reformed Baptist who runs in Fundamentalist circles.

  • Vernor's ginger ale is what I assume the Crystal Sea consists of in Glory.

  • 40% of the time I can be found at my local Starbucks.