Places to Find Me

Places to Find Me


things I am online:



I pastor Fairmont Baptist Church in Saskatoon, SK Canada. You can find my sermons and weekly blog posts by clicking here. 


Movie Reviewer

As a film fanatic, I can’t help but write the occasional review or editorial on films. You can find my thoughts on movies that are both brand new or classics as well by clicking here. 


While I do a weekly blog at my church’s website. That is specifically for my church. I write for a more general audience on this site and am currently working toward writing for some bigger institutions. To stay up to date on my writings, follow me on Twitter. 

Graphic Designer

I do the occasional graphic for churches and non-profits. This would include logos, promotional materials, and even business card designs. If you would like some help coming up with a unique look for your church or want to simply view my designs click here.