Book Review: The Life of the Church by Joe Thorn

Book Review: The Life of the Church by Joe Thorn


Joe Thorn has done the church a great service in writing this three book series on the nature of the church. The first two are focused on the motivations and characteristics of the church, and this third book, The Life of the Church, is focused on what the church actually accomplishes. Thorn does this by showing the three aspects of church life. This is perhaps Thorn’s most helpful thought in these books. He calls these three areas the Table, the Pulpit and the Square. While many books are written on the subject of community, preaching, and evangelism, Thorn provides some much needed attention to corporate worship. Chapter 6 is one of the most helpful chapters I have read in any book this year.

At first, I wanted to read this book to simply finish the series, but I was happily surprised to find myself being encouraged throughout this book. While I enjoyed reading the first two in this series, The Life of the Church is one I will go back and read several times for encouragement. I would advise any pastor or layman to do the same.

You can purchase The Life of the Church by clicking here.

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