FBC Post: Some Sermon Podcast Recommendations

FBC Post: Some Sermon Podcast Recommendations

I have had a lot of members ask me for recommendations of pastors to listen to lately. So I thought I would take a break from the normal article format and just describe how thankful I am for the Godly men who are ministering today. We live in an embarrassment of riches regarding sound theologians whose works are everywhere. No longer do we have to travel the world and physically visit a congregation to hear from a great preacher. Instead, we can hit the subscribe button on our podcast app (A Podcast is a media application for audio files on the go) and get that latest sermon every week without any effort. This is an amazing opportunity for the modern Christian, yet there are dangers in this as well. So before I give recommendations on podcasts, let me give a few warnings as well. 

Be Careful Who You Listen To. 

With the plethora of sermons that are readily available for anyone to download, caution needs to be used when deciding which pastor to trust. There are many teachers, pastors, and Christian leaders out there who do not teach the Word of God, but rather their own thoughts. This is very dangerous for Christians. We must make sure that everything we see, hear, and think goes through the filter of God’s Word. Just, because someone has a big ministry does not necessarily mean they are a great Bible teacher.  Listeners must think critically when approaching these sermons.

A Podcast Does Not Replace Your Church.

It could be very easy for a Christian to listen to a sermon online and hear that pastor’s point of view regarding a topic and then never ask their local pastor what he thinks. Also, listening to a sermon online does not equal being with your local body of Christ or being under the accountability of your church’s leadership. Sermons listened to on the radio, online, or through podcasts are to be additions to your daily routine, not replace what God has already put in your life. 

So back to the recommendations.

While I do not agree with everything these preachers talk about in their sermons nor do I condone every aspect of their life, these men have been incredible examples to me on how to pastor, exegete God’s Word, and apply it faithfully. The links are all for podcasts, but if you would like to find them online simply type their names into google, add “sermon,” and you will be able to find them. 

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– Dean